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"The best training and consultancy service for your organisation."
Penny Crisfield, Founder


“When I formed Apollinaire in 1999, it was to pursue my passion and belief in the power of coaching in sport and in business. I wanted to improve coaching and coach education by providing the best training and consultancy, so that business and sports people can become the best they possibly can. Eleven years later, Apollinaire has grown and matured; it now has an international reputation and is the market leader in coaching, coach education and officials’ education in the UK. Click on the buttons below to find an overview of our key services”

Penny Crisfield

Meeting tomorrow’s coaching needs today
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Apollinaire is now a well known and highly respected company nationally and internationally; it has an impressive team of senior trainers and associates who share the same philosophy and strong belief that people can achieve their dreams and potential if supported and challenged in the right way; the best way for each individual and for each sport or business.
Its reputation is founded on innovation, excellence and a desire to customise its services to the unique needs and circumstances of the partner client. Its hands-on and partnership approach enables it to identify and predict future needs and so develop new services that meets tomorrow’s needs today. It loves a challenge that demands a different way of thinking and consistently strives to exceed the expectations of the partner client.

Apollinaire has extensive experience in coaching, coach and official’s education and has worked with almost every sport and most national agencies. When we ask people the best thing about the training or service they have received, they typically say the quality of the trainers and training which together made a significant and lasting impact on their coaching of others and their relationships at home and work. Perhaps we can do the same for you?’

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